Wednesday, March 14, 2012

where is there a good but cheap place to live in florida

where is there a good but cheap place to live in florida?
I'm looking mainly south or south central florida any tips?
Orlando - 2 Answers
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1 :
Polk County , its just south of Orlando and east of Tampa, nice, cheap and central
2 :
Try and avoid the 27 and the 192. There are lots of estates being built there but they are mostly for Brits to buy and rent out. The plots are small and the whole estates are crowded. Try and avoid anywhere that has short term rentals on it or the whole of the summer will be spent living next door to two families cramped in a 4 bedroomed house screaming and yelling by the pool till 12pm every night. Ridgewood Lakes on the 27 is a bit different - mostly Americans live there and it's gated. I stay there on holiday. Also Davenport is an older community and there are lots of americans living there. Good Luck

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